5 Ways You Can Make Your Shipping Brand More Noticeable

We usually dedicate lots of attention to various service-based companies, however it is necessary to offer product suppliers some tips as well. Afterall, getting any product to the shoppers’ doors is equally important, and if with certain bright idea, you can extract little more extra branding and also customer loyalty as a result, then why not? We are giving here 5 ways to ensure that your brand gets properly noticed.

  1. Custom shipping boxes

You can find in mailer boxes variety of options for logo printing from just a logo placement to full design on all different sides. There are few things that can be much more exciting when any package arrives at anyone’s doorstep with certain distinctive logo. Can you think of few ways to give your package any particular look that cannot be easily missed? Have you ever noticed any display boxes of food, wine or cosmetic boxes with unique style and special designs e.g. die-cut boxes etc.

  1. Custom shipping bags

If you want to give little more sophistication in your products, then you can also give attention to your shipping bags. You can ship all your products in grand style by using any simple merchandise bags or any high-end fabric bags or gourmet bags. Your bag also includes entire trimmings to complete its look, that includes crinkle-cut fillers, ribbons, bows, tissue paper and much more.

  1. Shipping peanuts

It is really very hard to beat any eco-friendly or biodegradable shipping peanuts. They can be fully non-toxic and also static resistant. Such packing peanuts are sustainable as well as safe where there are kids and pets around.

They are made by using corn starch, and are designed to provide improved cushioning against impact and stacking. Also, they can dissolve instantly in the water without harming any pipes and can be used to create compost too.

  1. Custom shipping tape

Shipping tape need not be the same brown or clear tape. You can get few excellent choices to seal and tape by using the same color of your brand and logo. Only difference is in the material type that is used in the tape and how they are printed, and also what colors are chosen.

  1. Monthly mailer boxes

There are also monthly subscription boxes that can be hand-picked to send directly to destination every month for certain small fee. You may also start-up a style of your own with any monthly mailer service.